Production Planning the Profab Way

It has been over two years in the making but the new Profab scheduling system has gone live!
The new software has been developed from the ground up and around the companies existing procedures and working practices.

The system allows the production manager to select new access panel, riser doors and steel doors jobs and projects won from a list, calculates the production hours required in each work centre using data collected over the last 2 years and populates the below Gantt chart with this information.

The scheduled jobs can then be manipulated in any way from adding resources to adjusting their time manually or changing the work centre dependencies, for example, allowing painting to start half way through welding on large batches or projects.

As the schedule is manipulated in the Gantt chart and the changes saved they are stored in a SQL server database, this allows the schedule to be relayed to all the work centres in the factory in real time through an ASP.NET application that can be viewed via I-pads situated in each work centre as in the screen shot below:

Each work centre has its own live incomplete list to keep the amount of information per page to a minimum. This application is also responsible for keeping a log of the time taken by each employee working on each job in each work centre in the factory and can be used to raise nonconformity reports and view product assembly and folding drawings.

This app is also used to collect clocking in and out times from employees and outputs a report each week in a format that can be fed into Sage for payroll purposes.

Load on each work centre can be viewed by the scheduling application as in the image above and adjustments to the schedule can be made to correct overloaded work centres either by upping staff per section, putting on overtime or shifting jobs around in the schedule to alleviate workload on that particular work centre.

This new system means that we can continue to provide the most efficient production and lead times for all of your access needs including access panels, riser doors and steel doors.

James Turner, Technical Engineer