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Environmental Policy Statement

Profab Access Ltd is committed to minimise waste and pollution to reduce long term costs with the following commitments and objectives to:

● Minimise disturbance to the local environment and to the quality of life of the local communities;
● Understand the needs and expectations of our interest parties, including employees, land owners and Suppliers;
● Comply with all relevant statutory regulation;
● Maintain appearances and highest environmental standards within the company premise;
● Assess, in advance if possible, environmental effects of new processes and developments;
● Provide necessary information to enable proper use, storage and disposal of Company products to avoid harm to the environment;
● Provide necessary information to enable employees to operate processes properly and minimise effects on people and the environment;
● Develop, maintain and continually improve the company’s environmental management system;
● Regularly review environmental performance at Board level;
● Develop and maintain contingency plans where significant environmental hazards exist.

Sustainability and Recyclability

Where possible, renewable materials are sourced at all levels of the organisation and waste materials from the processes are recycled.
Suppliers and customers are encouraged to choose materials that are renewable and/or recyclable and to minimise the need for landfill taking the Carbon Dioxide footprint into account.
Continuous work is carried out to develop and implement solutions towards sustainability and to reduce emissions.
Environmental Policy Awareness
This policy shall be available to all persons working for, or on behalf, of Profab Access Ltd via the company’s Standard Operating Procedures.
This policy shall be available to the public via the company’s website.

Our Policy is that:

Through the measurement of our existing processes, our position in the marketplace and the future goals of our clients we will continuously develop and improve the efficiency of the business process.

The directors and management are committed to the practices and principles of Quality and Environmental Systems ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 and through the implementation of ‘quality management and Environmental’ systems and procedures, the application of Health & Safety management systems, together with the improvements of our suppliers to meet planned schedules and the personal improvement of all our staff, we plan to ensure that Profab Access are identified as ‘the’ Access Panel solutions company for the various building industries.

Our objectives are to:

– Achieve and maintain full compliance to relative Health & Safety Legislation
– Increase Turnover year on year by 15%
– Achieve and maintain certification to ISO 9001:2015 Quality and ISO:14001:2015 Environmental Systems
– Investigate shop-floor-data collection and analysis
– Maintain IIP award status
– Develop the Companies export potential
– Introduce new products to existing range
– Reduce Factoring and finance costs
– Understand the needs and expectations of our interested parties
– Understand the Risks to our business through analysing them regularly as part of the Management Review process.