What is a Fire Riser Door?

When it comes to designing safe spaces, riser doors are one of the most important feature a building core can include. These metal doors provide hours of fire resistance, stopping the spread of flames and maintaining the integrity of the space much more effectively than alternative solutions. Here, we are going to look at how they work, why they’re so effective, and how to best use them in your future projects.

What is a fire riser door?

Used most often in service shafts, corridors, and protected zones providing access to mechanical and electrical services, the riser door is designed to provide all-encompassing fire safety without compromising the aesthetics of your design. They come in a range of sizes, including from single, double and continues door access. with a variety of finishes and lock options. They consist of sturdy metal frames holding metal doors flush with a concealed piano hinge, opening out towards the user. Beaded frames can be jointed/plastered and finished to match the surrounding aesthetic or can be retrofitted with a picture Frame surround. Options also include a 1-hour and 2-hour option, both tested successfully with ongoing assessment to ensure maximum quality.

Protection you can rely on

These doors are designed specifically for areas of normal humidity, specifically used in the riser shafts that many larger buildings contain. They offer two-way protection for riser openings. This means that a fire that starts in one portion of a multi-storey building will not be able to spread and progress through a riser shaft. Without riser doors, these shafts can act as an easy access route for a fire, helping it spread much more quickly than it regularly would. These doors are supplied as complete units that can be included in part of an initial design or retrofitted into existing riser shafts, allowing you to update designs to greatly outperform timber door sets. With an insulated core and high-quality locks that prevent them being unlocked accidentally, they can reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your riser shaft, too.

Sleek, covert design

Besides playing the crucial role of preventing fires from spreading through riser shafts, riser doors also allow you to conceal what many would consider one of the more unsightly features of the building. Large, obvious riser shaft entrances compromise the aesthetic of multi-storey buildings. Riser doors are sleek and fit flush to the frame, making them as unobtrusive as possible. Fitting riser doors in your building is quick and seamless, meaning that the aesthetic consistency of your interiors won’t be compromised. These come powder coated with RAL 9010M as standard, but can come in a variety of options that allow you to ensure your riser doors better fit the environment they’re fitted in.

Metal riser doors are a cornerstone of fire safety in modern design. If you are including them in your next project look at our product detail page and gallery to see our product can meet your needs.