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Security Door

Steel security doors, designed to resist even the most determined physical assault, with anti-crush door frame reinforcement and dog-bolt hinges as standard features.

Doors are supplied with thresholds and seals as required and can be fitted with vision panels or air transfer louvres.

Security Door

Features / Benefits

Frequently specified by architects for back of house or basement areas as well as sports halls and pedestrian fire escapes.


CNC Manufactured in the UK to international standards.


120mm Zintec steel frame with adjustable standard frame cappings and anti-crush door frame reinforcement.

Factory fitted seals.


50mm thick Zintec steel door leaf.

Bonded Honeycomb core.

Stainless steel leaf capping.

Manual flush bolts to all inactive leaves.


Can be supplied with thief resistant locks to;

  • BS 3621: 2007 (with key egress)
  • BS 8621: 2007 (keyless egress)
  • BS 10621: 2007 (keyless egress with deadlock override facility).


Options include:

  • 6.0 mm polycarbonate vision panel
  • 6.0 mm toughened glass vision panel
  • 6.4 mm laminated glass vision panel
  • 7.5 mm bandit glass vision panel
  • Firelite ceramic glass vision panel


Options include:

  • None
  • Standard louvre
  • Standard louvre with bird and insect mesh
  • Standard louvre with insect mesh


Multiple frame fixing straps / Screw-in frame fixings.


Lipped leaf, rebated with security astragal.

SIZES (structural opening):

Maximum width: 2780 mm
Maximum height: 3000 mm

Larger structural openings can be accommodated by the use of side panels and over panels.


Impact Resistance (BS EN 12600): Class 2B.

Firelite ceramic glass is a unique type of fire-rated glass that can endure intensive heat from fire as well as the thermal shock of water used in fire fighting. It is clear, without unsightly reinforcing wires.


Available latched or unlatched.

Dog-bolt S/S Bearing hinges.

A wide range of factory fitted ironmongery configurations are available with demountable side and over panels, louvres, vents and galzing options.

A full range of personnel and fire escape hardware options are available, with external access handles and knob sets as required.

Performance Standards Security Door

FIRE RATING Certifire Tested: 1hr Fire Rating to BS EN1634-1
EMERGENCY EXIT Emergency exit devices to BS EN 179.
PANIC ESCAPE Panic escape devices to BS EN 1125
HINGES Single-axis hinges to BS EN 1935
LEAF COORDINATION Leaf co-ordination devices to BS EN 1158
steel fire door with locking handle

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External Resources / Links

Guide Specification Security Door

CONSTRUCTION1.2mm Zintec Steel / Anti-crush door frame reinforcement.
FINISHPolyester Powder Coated to RAL
DOOR CONFIGURATIONOptions for Single Leaf / Leaf and a half / Double Leaf
VISION PANELPolycarbonate / Toughened glass / Laminated glass / Bandit glass / Firelite ceramic glass options
HARDWAREA range of hardware is available to suit your application (See OPTIONS)

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