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The Profab 7000 series range of hinged steel access panels provides regular access into jointless plasterboard or plaster ceiling systems that may require up to 1-hour fire resistance, for where access to mechanical and electrical services is required.

The welded metal frame holds a metal door tray that is hinged via fully adjustable concealed hinges and is held closed by either a budget lock (BL) or a security key lock (SL). The door then opens down towards the user. The door can be plasterboard lined (PD) or flush metal faced (MD). Both are removable to aid installation or if damage occurs. Panel frames are manufactured either as fully concealed, so that after installation only a 2mm wide door line is visible (BF), or alternatively, manufactured for retrofitting where the 25mm picture frame surround is visible (PF). A constant door gap is maintained between the door and frame by the fully adjustable hinge and dome location system. Panels are supplied powder coated white primer all-over as standard on concealed frame options and semi-gloss white for the picture frame option.

NFR/7000/PD or MD / BF / BL or SL
Frame: 1.2mm thick, factory welded, electro-galvanised mild steel with concealed beaded frame (BF) or plaster frame for plaster finishing. Finished powder coated primer white all-over and fitted with foam dust gasket to all sides.
Door: 0.9mm thick, electro-galvanised mild steel flush door tray (MD) fitted with fully adjustable hinges and finished powder coated semi-gloss white all-over, whilst the plasterboard faced door option (PD) has a primer finish.
Locks: Select from concealed budget lock (BL), or security lock (SL) mounted on the rear of the door, operated from the front face with an included 8mm square drive or security key. A White, round removable cap on the door face conceals the keyhole or is an integral chrome escutcheon for the SL option.

All as above options but with visible 25mm picture frame surround for retro fitting.
1FR/7000/PD or MD/BF/BL or SL
All as above but with 25mm layer of fire rated mineral wool and foil sheet in back of door tray.
1FR/7000/PF All as above but with 25mm layer of fire rated mineral wool and foil sheet in back of door tray.


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DimX DimY Flush Metal Door Kgs Plasterboard Door Kgs
600 600 10 13
600 900 15 20*
900 900 25 30*
600 1200 20 26*
1200 1200 40 n/a

All dimensions in millimetres. All panels hinge along dimension Y.
All panels are single door except the 1200 x 1200mm, which is a double door unit.
7000 series panels can be manufactured in any size from 150mm x 150 mm. There is effectively no upper size limit as larger panels can be manufactured as double door (DS) or multiple door continuous access (CA). Contact Profab for details.

*Denotes panels that are recommended to be fitted with support stays for safety reasons during operation due to increased door weights.

1. X and Y dimensions are outside rear frame.
2. Overall frame depth is 86mm.
3. Structural opening required for installation is (X+5) x (Y+5).


The 7000 series panel can be supplied as a non-fire rated or one hour fire rated product; being manufactured from steel it is non-combustible, excluding the non-structural plastic/gasket components.
1FR/ 7000/ PF or BF or MD/ BL
Construction is the same as the above NFR panel except the flush metal door is filled with 25mm thick mineral wool insulation that is contained by a fire rated foil sheet.

Fire Test Data A 1 hour fire resistance test to BS 476 Part 22 was carried out on a 800 x 800mm 1FR single door that maintained its integrity criteria for 100 minutes. Test No. 146556.

1FR/ 7000/ BF or PD/ BL
Construction is the same as the above NFR panel except the door face is lined with 12.5mm ‘Fireline’ plasterboard and 25mm thick mineral wool insulation that is contained within the metal door.

Fire Test Data A 1 hour fire resistance test to BS 476 Part 22 was carried out on a 700 x 1000mm 1FR single door that maintained its integrity criteria for 72 minutes. Test No. CHIL\1F01033.

Testing and assessments are ongoing; please contact Profab Technical Services for the latest verification data.

All standard panels are for internal use and only in areas of normal humidity. The panel is only for installation in plaster and plasterboard ceiling systems.

7000/BF is suitable for horizontal use where the panel is being installed prior to any tape and jointing/skim finishing or plastering. Primer finish, so requires decorating after installation.

7000/PF is suitable for horizontal use where the panel is being installed after All finishing work has been completed. The panel is factory finished semigloss white so needs no further decoration.

NFR/7000/MD/PF/SL Size 600 x 1200mm single flush metal door fitted with a chrome security key lock, 25mm picture frame surround, finished in powder coated semi-gloss white, supplied by Profab Access Limited.

1FR/7000/PD/BF/BL Size 600 x 600mm single plasterboard faced door fitted with a concealed budget lock, beaded frame surround, finished in powder coated primer white for site decoration, supplied by Profab Access Limited.

OTHER OPTIONS The 7000 series is a strong, purpose made, high quality access panel designed to provide a simple, yet secure means of accessing building services. Some modifications are available with this product as Profab’s Manufacturing flexibility provides for alternative materials, sizes, locks and door combinations. Discussions with Profab should take place at the earliest opportunity if specification changes are being considered.

Apertures formed in masonry and dry lined ceilings should be correctly formed in accordance with the system manufacturer’s recommendations. The ceiling should adequately support the panel’s additional weight and operating forces exerted on it during installation and operation. Typical fixing details are shown on this data sheet.

Operated from the front face, the rear mounted budget lock (BL) is operated with a square drive key through the door face following removal of a white plastic cap. The security lock (SL) has an integral, visible chrome escutcheon to accept the key (Keys are supplied, although additional keys and caps are available from Profab).

Available through a network of distributors. Refer to Profab for guidance.

If there is any doubt about the information given in this data sheet or the intended product usage, then PROFAB should be consulted. We are only too pleased to advise on the use of our products. Technical representation is available at all stages of a project. In-house manufacturing enables us to offer full flexibility in product design for projects that need to meet specific design criteria.

PROFAB access panels are manufactured under strictly controlled quality systems and so we reserve the right to amend any of our published information and specifications deemed necessary as a part of our continuous product development and improvement policy, without prior notice.



This product can contribute to your projects overall BREEAM score based on its recycled material, recyclability and performance.
All Access panels are manufacture in accordance with ISO 9001 quality standard with the option for compliance to the following standards,

BS EN 1634-1:2014 – Fire resistance and smoke control tests for door and shutter assemblies, openable windows and elements of building hardware. (Equivalent to BS 476-22)

BS 476-31.1 or EN 1634-3 - Fire tests on building materials and structures. Methods for measuring smoke penetration through doorset’s and shutter assemblies. Method of measurement under ambient temperature conditions
BS 9999:2017 - Fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings. Code of practice (Smoke control)
BS EN 12207:2016 or BS EN 1026:2016 - Windows and doors. Air permeability. Classification
BS EN ISO 140-3:1995 & BS EN ISO 717-1:1997 – Acoustic Testing