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Quality Statement

The Profab Access Limited Quality Management System has been developed following a thorough review of the Company, its’ activities, its’ products and the level of service to be supplied to the customer. Through the analysis of good business management techniques, improvements in systems management, and the development of improved methods of working, the Profab Access Limited Quality Assurance Manual and Quality Procedures Manual have been produced.

Throughout the development process, the need to ensure that the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and those quality requirements necessary for our business control and those that our customers may need, are addressed. This has always been important to Profab Access Limited and to this end the style and content of the Quality Assurance Manual ensures the adoption of the internationally recognised elements, terminology and structure of the standard ISO 9001:2008.

Where Profab Access Limited identifies the requirements to document other system controls, either as the result of the needs of the customer, the Company, legislative, environmental, National or International requirements, then the applicable documented systems and controls will be referenced within this Quality Assurance Manual, with detailed and specific procedural controls contained in the Quality Procedures Manual.

The systems developed and operated in pursuance of the Profab Access Limited Quality Management System are intended to be those which address the needs and expectations of the customer, but which are undertaken and maintained in the manner most suited to the Profab Access Limited business undertaking.

The scope of this Quality Management System is the complete operations of Profab Access Limited. We design, manufacture and supply access panels & riser doors, as used within the construction and building industries to provide access to secure and non-secure areas. These may be from our stock range or bespoke to meet client specific requirements.

Our Quality Assurance System applies to all design, development, manufacturing and production processes, all supply and support activities, controls and quality disciplines that are necessary to meet business and customer requirements as required by ISO 9001:2008.

Profab Access Limited is committed to achieving maximum customer satisfaction by meeting or exceeding their needs, expectations and requirements through the practical application of the policies and controls contained within the documented Quality Assurance Manual.

Through the effective management of these systems, Profab Access Limited is committed to continuous improvement of the systems and the prevention of nonconformity.

With design, development and continuous improvement being a significant element of our business, a ‘reduced scope’ is not applicable to our business activities. The total requirement as defined in ISO 9001:2008 has been adopted.

Certain customers’ contracts may require specific systems and procedures to be operated that are presently not covered by our Quality Procedures Manual, but in order to meet all such requirements, additional quality systems and procedures may be prepared and issued.