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Profab 8000 series

Profab Tiled Access Panels 

The PROFAB 8000 series range of steel access panels provides access into tiled joint-less plaster/plasterboard walls, where access to mechanical and electrical services is required. The panels are manufactured by Profab Access Ltd in our UK factory to ISO 9001:2008, purpose designed using the latest 3D software.

  • Certifire accredited (Certifire CF5253)
  • Available in non-fire rated, 1 hour fire rated (1 FR) and 2 hour fire rated (2 FR)
  • Concealed (TF) or Exposed (EEF) frame option
  • Concealed push-catch operation or key lock
  • Powder coated white frame
  • Suitable tile backing board material
  • Rubber gasket all round
(Nominal only, actual size is dependant on the selected tile or marble)

Dim XDim YKgs (without tile)

*All dimensions in millimetres. All doors hinge along dimension Y.

8000 series panels are available in sizes 150mm x 150mm to 900mm x 2400mm in single door design. Larger sizes are possible using double or multi door continuous access designs. Please contact Profab technical for details.

The welded metal frame holds a metal door tray lined with tile backing board. The door is hinged via fully adjustable concealed hinges and opens out towards the user. It is held closed by either a push catch (PC) with added actuator catches for fire rated types; security key lock (SL) or three point lock (3PL) for larger fire rated types. The door is removable if damage occurs or during installation. Panels are manufactured to exact tile module, either as fully concealed so that after installation only the open grout line is visible (TF), or alternatively manufactured for retrofitting where the metal edges of the frame will be visible (EEF). A constant groutwidth gap is maintained between the door and frame by the fully adjustable hinge system. Panels are supplied powder coated semi-gloss white or unpainted if decorative stainless steel is specified.

All standard panels are for internal use and only in areas of normal humidity. For areas of high humidity or in tiles walls that will get wet, the stainless steel/push catch option should be used (B8000/TF/PC/ Stainless). The grout width that is usually left open can be filled with soft silicone mastic for a totally concealed and sealed solution. The mastic is easily removable for emergency access and be quickly resealed on completion of the service or repair.

8000/TF is suitable for vertical use where the panel is being installed prior to any ceramic/ marble tiling being completed.

8000/EEF is suitable for vertical use where the panel is being installed after all ceramic/marble tiling work has been completed or where protective edges are required.

Note: 8000/EEF construction is not available for tile plus adhesive depths of greater than 13mm

Apertures formed in masonry and dry lined walls should be correctly formed in accordance with the wall/system manufacturer’s recommendations. The wall should adequately support the panel’s additional weight and operating forces exerted on it during installation and operation. Typical fixing details are shown on this data sheet and an installation guide is obtainable on request from Profab’s technical department.

Operated from the front face, the push catch (PC) requires no key. The security lock (SL) has an integral visible chrome escutcheon to accept the key (included). NFR panels over 120mm Y dimension and FR types are supplied with a three point lock (3PL) on the rear of the door but operated from the front face with an 8mm square drive key (included) which is held captive when the lock is in the open position. A white round removable cap on the door face conceals the key hole. Locks can be upgraded to include preparation for an additional Europrofile high security cylinder (3HS) if y dimension is greater than 450mm.

NON FIRE RATED (8000/NFR): 8000/NFR types are a non fire rated product, although being manufactured primarily from steel they are non combustible, excluding the marine ply, which is tiled over, and the nonstructural plastic components.

FIRE RATED (8000/1FR and 8000/2FR): 8000/1FR and 8000/2FR types are fire rated to BS470 Part 22. They are designed so as to not impair the fire resistance of a fire rated wall if installed into it. They will match the tested or assessed construction. All 8000 FR structural components and fixing methods are noncombustible. Small plastic components will melt but are not structural.

  • Concealed (TF)
  • Exposed (EEF)

Doors are 1.5mm thick, electro-galvanised mild steel door tray finished powder coated semi-gloss white all over and lined with marine ply to accept selected tile. Choose from concealed push catches (PC) or security lock (SL).

  • Push Catch (PC)
  • Security lock (SL)
  • 3 Point Lock. (3PL) (For larger panels and FR types)
  • Push catch with Actuators (FR types)
  • X and Y dimensions on the 8000/TF are the manufactured panel size and relate to the door size that is obtained from the tile module and grout thickness multiples. Tile size, thickness and grout width must be specified when ordering.
  • Overall frame depth is 76.5mm.
  • Minimum grout thickness is 1 mm.
  • Structural opening required for 8000/TF installation is (X+(2 x grout width)+5) x (Y+(2 x grout width)+5). Use suitable packing at fixing points between the frame and structural wall to maintain square-ness and rigidity.
  • When the 8000/EEF retrofitted panel is required the door size is reduced and calculated at the manufacture stage. Full tiles are removed from where the access panel is to be installed to leave a structural opening size for the frame to be fitted. The resulting gaps between the full tiles and frame are filled with flexible mastic. Tiles for the door are cut down to suit the door size on site by the contractor.
  • Available in non-fire rated, 1 hour fire rated (1 FR) and 2 hour fire rated (2 FR)
  • Concealed (TF) or Exposed (EEF) frame option
  • Concealed push-catch operation or key lock
  • Powder coated white frame
  • Suitable tile backing board material
  • Rubber gasket all round

Bespoke manufacturing & Project management services available!

In-house manufacturing enables us to offer full flexibility in product design for projects that need to meet specific design criteria.

Technical representation is available at all stages of a project if required please call 01827 718222 or email us.